Google has already expanded the reach of its Now service by a considerable margin, and it’s getting even larger in scope thanks to a new update on Tuesday. Moving forward, Android users will begin seeing up to 70 new Google Now cards, which is in addition to the 40 or so the search giant added earlier this year.

Some big names have been added to the list, too, including Spotify, ABC News, Feedly, Eat24, Jawbone, OpenTable, and more. All of the new additions, of course, are meant to make Google Now a much more convenient experience, giving you the information you need before you ask for it. With something like Spotify, Google Now will recommend a specific playlist you might like; ABC News will show you breaking news, and the Eat24 card will remind you that an order is on the way.

You’ll need the latest version of the Google app to start seeing the new cards, so be sure to install the update. If you want to see a more robust list of partners that will show up in Google’s service, you can head here.