More evidence has cropped up around the possibility of Google Now coming to the desktop, adding to the service's recent addition to iOS. With Google I/O coming up next week, and previous rumblings appearing over the past few months, the timing is lining up quite nicely—your Google homepage experience could soon change quite substantially.

Discovered by Francois Beaufort, the new addition is still under heavy development for Apple's desktop OS—heavy meaning still a ways off, or close to completion, is unclear. Google Now for Windows has been a beta option for quite awhile, while the Mac option exists in Chrome Canary, though you can't use it.

The picture below shows how notifications through Chrome would work, which many believe is a big step toward Now integration. Remember: Google is focused on offering services to mine data, so it will want to get Now in front as many eyes as possible. Making it available through Chrome, and possibly, would certainly make the predictive intelligence service much more widely used than it is through just Android and iOS.