When/if Google transplants Google Now into the infrastructure of Chrome, the prospect of increased availability might be small pittance compared to what the search giant has planned for the bigger picture. According to already working code, found by GoogleSystem, the Mountain View company is planning to implement Google Now's omnipresent data hoard into—the number one visited site on the Internet. Google Now for the whole world.

Google's predictive intelligence has been a quiet but strong weapon in the mobile space, always collecting and presenting information for you when you need it: sports scores, weather, traffic, etc. But right now it's confined only to Google's own mobile platform, an exclusive and futuristic experience frankly more people should get to try. How about opening it up to everyone on the Internet? might become the perfect landing page every time you launch Chrome, or Safari, or any other browser.

If Google does bring Now to, you'll be able to get all kinds of pertinent information without doing anything, ever. Just fire up your browser and you'll see exactly what you need, eliminating the process of cycling through pages—or even picking up your smartphone—to get flight info, the week's forecast, the next Manchester United game and more. It'll make Google's iconic blank white space more informative, and—insanely—probably bring in even more traffic to the world's top domain.

With Google's excellent new design approach, the company could take what it did with iGoogle and actually make it useful, a place you want to visit. The code itself doesn't indicate when/if will be infused with Now functionality, but chances are we'll hear something from the online company in May during I/O