Rejection Just Ahead Green Road Sign with Dramatic Storm Clouds and Sky.

If you applied to attend the Google I/O developer's conference this year, chances are you were alerted about your selection earlier this week. If not, you might expect to find a letter from Google I/O in your inbox kindly informing you that you weren't selected.

"We recently held our drawing for Google I/O 2015," Google said in the e-mail to folks who aren't being admitted, according to Android Central. "Unfortunately your application was not selected. We encourage you check out the I/O Live or a local I/O Extended event in your area."

Google selects attendees for Google I/O at random, which alleviates a huge rush for applications all at once, ultimately locking out folks who might not have had an opportunity to log online. It's a nicer way to select attendees, even if it ultimately means these sort of rejection letters show up in your inbox.