We have bad news if you're an iOS user holding out for Google Maps to find your way around. Unfortunately, it doesn't appear that the application will launch anytime soon. Sources speaking with The Guardian said Google is "not optimistic" that Apple will approval Google's Maps competitor – especially after it decided to give the application a boot from its platform with the introduction of iOS 6, and that Google will only move forward "in the unlikely event" Apple decides to publish Google Maps.

Alleged screen shots of the application have already surfaced, but that doesn't mean that Apple's going to give them a go-ahead. In fact, we agree with one source that suggested to The Guardian that it would be odd of Apple to bring Google back instead of building on its existing and new maps platform. It's not as good as Google Maps in our opinion, not yet, but you have to remember that Apple chose to launch its own product after Google denied the option to provide voice-guided turn-by-turn directions.

Apple, ultimately, needs to improve its own product and move on.

Still, choice is a good thing, and I know plenty of iPhone, iPad and iPod touch users who still refuse to update to iOS 6 due to the lack of Google Maps.

[via The Guardian]