New Nexus devices won’t be the only gadgets Google introduces this fall. According to a report from Android Police, the search giant is also gearing up to introduce brand new Android Wear devices—one that’s sporty, the other more elegant. Both new wearables are expected to feature Google’s new Assistant technology, which will also feature in Allo and Google Home, the latter of which is a competitor to the Amazon Echo.

Android Police claims both watches will feature circular displays without the flat tires present in the Moto 360. The sportier device, codenamed Angelfish, is expected to be aimed at people who spend a lot of time outdoors, with features such as LTE, GPS, a heart rate monitor, and more. The watch apparently features lugs, “with a smooth housing shape that curves where the watch band meets the body,” Android Police said. The device, which is said to be 14mm thick, will feature three buttons, one of which will act as the watch’s crown.

The second watch, codenamed Swordfish, will apparently have a basic shape similar to that of the Pebble Time Round, though it’ll lack that device’s obnoxiously large bezels. “The overall style of the body and especially the lug design are quite similar,” Android Police said. It’ll feature a single button on the right-hand side similar to the crown found on the Apple Watch; the overall size is expected to be 42mm with a thickness of around 10.6mm. That’s substantially thinner than Angelfish though Swordfish will lack features such as LTE, GPS, and a possibly even the heart rate sensor.

As for how Google Assistant integration will work, Android Police wasn’t entirely sure:

Both watched will offer Google Assistant integration with contextual alerts, Exactly what that integration entails, we aren’t certain, but given Sundar Pichai’s comments about Nexus devices receiving more exclusive software features, we’re left wondering if these watches will get functionality other Android Wear devices won’t.

Google may also be working on a brand-new style of watch faces for these devices that will allow much quicker access to notifications, information, or media controls for apps or functions that you commonly use.

Google is expected to introduce these devices alongside its new Nexus smartphones—you can learn more about those below—this fall. We haven’t seen a major Android Wear release in a while so it looks like Google wants to take matters into its own hands. With Android Wear 2.0 on the way, it’ll be the perfect opportunity for Google to possibly introduce Nexus-branded wearables.