The Google Nexus 7 hasn't even begun shipping yet, and already we're speculating about the possibility of an upcoming big brother. According to industry sources, Google is now preparing a 10-inch variant of its new slate, which, as you may have guessed, will be called the Google Nexus 10.

DigiTimes reports that Google has already begun sourcing 10-inch touch panels from Taiwanese manufacturers AU Optronics and Wintek. The partnership reportedly makes Wintek Google's largest touch panel supplier, with the company having already shipped 500,000 7-inch units for the Nexus 7.

Although they claim the Nexus 10 is already in the pipeline, unfortunately the insiders did not reveal when the device will arrive — or what we can expect from it. Other than the promise of a 10-inch display, there's no indication of what Google might be packing into the slate.

If the Nexus 7 is a Kindle Fire killer, then, it's likely the Nexus 10 will be aiming to acquire some of the iPad's market share.

[via SlashGear]