One analyst believes Google will turn its back on NVIDIA and make nice with Qualcomm for the next Nexus 7. Pacific Crest analyst Michael McConnell on Thursday claimed the search giant will favor the Snapdragon S4 Pro because Qualcomm is willing to offer a banging deal, and it has better integration with modern 3G and 4G tech. So, unfortunately, you'll have to get your Tegra 4 fix elsewhere.

The Nexus 7 has become one of the hottest tablets on the market, so failing to secure a deal with Google will certainly be a huge blow for NVIDIA if this is true. NVIDIA had a lot of hearts fluttering at this year's CES when it unveiled Tegra 4, which has 72 custom GeForce GPU cores—that's a big step up in potential graphics processing power.

McConnell goes on to say that Google's upcoming Nexus 7 successor will launch during Q2 of this year. Google has I/O planned for May, so that timeframe could lineup. Tegra 3 has been a huge part of the Nexus 7's success, but it sounds as though Google wants to move on.