Google Pixel C-16

Google has continuously denied any plans to merge its Android and Chrome OS software, but the search giant could be working on a new operating system that does just that. The company appears to be developing on an original OS called Fuchsia that may run on mobile and desktop devices.

References to Fuchsia were recently spotted by Phoronix, a Linux-focused blog. It appears on Google’s Git repositories where it’s describes using the equation, “Pink + Purple == Fuschia (a new Operating System).” Google is apparently building the OS from scratch. It’s using the Magenta kernel for smartphones and computers, along with the LK kernel for “small systems.”

That’s not a lot to go on, but it’s still pretty interesting. If Google really is working on a new operating system it could potentially combine mobile and desktop hardware under one roof. The company already seems to be moving in that direction as it continues to blur the lines between Android and Chrome OS. The two operating systems may never fully merge into one, but perhaps we’ll get a totally new third option instead.