Google Music and Google+ in Ice Cream SandwichDespite the fact that Samsung and Google canceled the planned debut of Ice Cream Sandwich and the Nexus Prime for next Tuesday, that doesn’t mean that versions of the next iteration of Android aren’t floating around out there in the ether.

Thanks to some helpful tipsters, Android Police got some early looks at the new versions of Google Music and Google+ that will be coming packed with Ice Cream Sandwich.  From first glances it definitely looks like Google is getting to a polishing phase with their popular OS as opposed to really having to work out functionality any more.  While Music got a ton of changes to make it look more polished and uniform, Google+, for reasons unknown, got only one major change, and that was the switching of “Messages” now being called “Chords.”  Yes, that makes complete and total sense to us as well.

As for Google Music, just about everything has been tweaked it would seem.  New controls have been added when tap on the album cover of a currently playing track, the menus have been polished up so they are less obtrusive and everything just seems to be cleaner.

No word on when we may yet see Ice Cream Sandwich roll out with the unexpected delay for next week, but most people assume it will be very soon.

[via Android Police – Google Music & Google+]