A report from Bloomberg claims Google could start to separate Google+ from the photo service built within the social network. The news comes from several anonymous insiders and suggests the company may finally may be acknowledging its failure to build Google+ into a thriving social network on par with Facebook or Twitter.

In the future the service, which lets you upload, store, edit and share your photos, could work independently from the rest of the social network. That means you wouldn't need to sign up for a Google+ account, which is clearly still a deterrent for some people. The new photo service could also be rebranded, but should still work with the rest of Google's social network.

Google's put a ton of emphasis on the photography tools built into Google+ in the past few years, and a standalone photo app could be a big hit. When Google+ chief Vic Gondutra left the company earlier this year it sparked rumors that the company might reduce its focus on the social network. The search giant once said it wanted Google+ to be the social backbone of everything it did, but it looks like that dream is being replaced by something new.