hangouts 1.3

Leaked screenshots from the upcoming Hangouts 1.3 update obtained by Android Police suggest Google may integrate regular SMS and MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service) into its Hangouts app around the same time it rolls out Android 4.4 KitKat OS. The report notes this rumor is "all but confirmed," but admits it's always possible Google could change its plans.

A leaked screenshot of the settings menu from Hangouts 1.3 suggest users will be able to receive SMS and MMS through the Hangouts app. However, while Android Police suggests Google will remove Android's messaging app completely, this seems unlikely—at least at first. For now, it looks like integrating text messages into Hangouts will be an option, meaning users should be able to opt out if they prefer the original Messaging app.

The one thing Android Police doesn't know is when Google will rollout Hangouts 1.3. With Android 4.4 KitKat OS expected to land any day now, it wouldn't surprise us to see both updates launch at the same time. But if the improved version of Hangouts is ready before Android 4.4—or vice versa—we doubt Google will delay either release for the sake of a synchronized launch.