It's Friday evening and you're rushing out of work to a softball game. You need a glove, so you set Google Maps to find the nearest Sports Authority and you're on your way. Suddenly you're stuck in traffic, minutes away from the Sports Authority, wondering if you're going to get there before the store closes. A Google Maps update, rolling out now, has you covered and will now tell you the hours of the location you're traveling to. If it's closed, you'll know that ahead of time.

The latest update includes other features, too, including the ability to search for "my events," which culls all of your reservations, such as rental car reservations, hotel reservations, flights and more, and brings all of that information into view. The latest update also includes the typical round of bug fixes, according to Android Police, which first discovered the new features.

You should see the update in Google Play for your Android device now, and we suspect this update will also be available for iOS. It's a pretty useful one, so check for it now.