Google has added features upon features to Google Maps, slowly integrating everything you need to travel in one single app. You can find restaurants, see reviews, look at pictures and get walking distances. You could do almost everything except book an Uber—until now.

Today, Google said Maps users can hail ride a without ever having to leave the app using either Uber or Lyft. Previously, a user could get an estimate in Google Maps for an ride, but had to book the ride in the Uber or Lyft app, flip flopping between the two apps. Now, the extra step has been eliminated.

When looking up a destination, you now have an extra tab that lets you book a ride. Booking a ride will work just like it does within the Uber app, giving you the option for different options, like UberX and UberXL. The new feature is available in the latest version of Google Maps and is rolling out today to all Android and iOS users.

Integration makes everything easier

The elimination of one step makes a world of difference. Instead of looking up directions on Google Maps, deciding to take a car and then opening Uber or Lyft to book the ride, you can now do it in just one app, simplifying the experience.

Users will be prompted to log into their service of choice in Google Maps (Uber or Lyft), and from there, all of the credit card information will be used when booking a ride.