Google doesn’t take Street View lightly. The company has dispersed specially-equipped cars and camera-carrying employees across the globe in an effort to document the world. Now this popular Google Maps feature is getting its own stand-alone app.

Street View focuses on two things: exploring and sharing. You can travel the world on your phone using a Collections tab that organizes images by location, or pick Explore for a world map that makes it easy to find exactly the place you’re looking for. There’s also a Profile tab for keeping track of your own adventures, and a Private tab for any photos you don’t feel like sharing with the world.

If you do want to share just hit the floating camera button at any time to shoot your own photo sphere. Then upload it straight to Street View from inside the app. This feature also works with some spherical cameras.

The Street View app is available now for iOS and Android devices, and you can grab it now via the source links below.