Google on Monday began rolling out a new feature to Google Maps that allows users to create lists of places that can then be shared with friends and family. Now, you can become the ultimate tour guide by saving restaurants, museums, and more around your local city.

When you find a place of interest, simply tap on the “Save” icon, which will then bring up a menu of pre-set lists such as “Favorites,” “Want to go,” and more. You can also create a personalized list with a funky name of your choosing, such as “Best tacos.” (I already did that.)

The point is to the share your lists with others. This will not only come in handy for people visiting from out of town, but it will make it easy to discover new places to check out. Every place you save will be shown as an icon on the map, so you’ll know when a restaurant on your “Want to go” list is nearby.

Available for iOS and Android

If you do decide to share your curated lists, friends and family can then opt to follow them. Google made a handy video of how these new features work.

The lists feature has been available to Local Guides for a while now, but they’re now rolling out to all users. So, start curating your lists, and be sure to share them with friends and family.