The distinct look of Google Maps—yellow, gray, white and orange color scheme—is as much part of the service as Street View. But the search giant supposedly wants to shake things up with an all-new look that, to our eyes, looks much less well-defined. What currently stands out in Maps might get redesigned into something that looks indistinguishable from the competition. Maybe.

According to the unofficial Google System blog, in addition to the obvious differences in appearance, the company wants to transition into a full screen layout. No more sidebar taking up a fourth of the page. Instead, it appears Google is creating an experience around a simple search bar in the upper left corner, where you can search for businesses and get directions.

Aside from that, Google will supposedly add a way to localize search results based on places recommended by those in your Google+ circles, and also top reviews. The last time Google detailed big changes to Maps the company held a standalone event, but with I/O next week, we expect information then.