Google Cardboard might not be as advanced as the Oculus Rift or as flashy as Samsung’s Gear VR, but the low-cost virtual reality headset still works surprisingly well. Now, there’s one more thing to do with Cardboard: take a tour around places with Google Maps Street View.

Checking out the new feature is easy. Just pick a location and jump into Street View. Then quickly double-tap the turn around button to switch from regular perspective to virtual reality. If you’re wearing Google Cardboard, you’ll get an immersive look at any city around the world. It also works on your Android phone without the VR headset, though all you’ll see is a split-screen binocular view.

This week’s Google Maps update is a great example of what Google can do when it combines its own services with Cardboard. We can’t wait to try out VR Street View for ourselves, and we’re excited to see what the company has planned next. Maybe virtual reality Gmail?