Google Maps for Android Transit Update

Google announced on Wednesday that it has updated its Google Maps for Android application with support for travel schedules for more than 1 million public transit stops around the globe. The app already provides information for me in New York City, for example. I can see if a subway train is running late, but this should be the perfect update for when I travel to Berlin at the end of the month for the IFA trade show.

Google said it specifically updated the Transit Lines layer so that users can select whether they plan to travel by bus, tram, subway or train. If you say you’re traveling by train, it won’t show the bus routes, for example. That means you won’t be presented with a spaghetti mess of routes if you already know the mode of transportation you plan to take.

My Places and Location History within Google maps have also been enhanced. Here’s a glimpse of what has changed:

  • Now, whenever you search for a city or postal code, the borders of that region are highlighted.
  • Under My Places you’ll notice we’ve added new tabs, which will help you access all your information from a single place; from your saved maps for use offline to your starred places and Custom Maps created on your desktop.
  • If you enable Location History, you’ll be able to browse the places you’ve been on a daily basis with an updated Location History dashboard.

The update is available now, so check it out and let us know what you think!

[via Google]