Google on Wednesday showed some much-needed love to its Maps platform, introducing features such as directions for multiple destinations, the ability to see flight and hotel reservations, and a summary of upcoming events at a particular arena. The new additions are based on user feedback in Google’s fancy new Maps preview, which was rolled out earlier this summer.

Support for multiple destinations will actually begin rolling out today, said Florian Goerisch, Google Maps Product Manager. The search giant recognized it was a feature many users wanted, and works how you’d expect (with walking, driving and transit directions). Essentially, once you choose a starting off point, you can click on a new “+” button underneath your chosen destinations, and add more stops along your route. The new feature will be incredibly convenient for folks exploring a new city, though it’ll also be nice even if you know your city front and back.

In addition, Google is adding a bit of Google Now to maps, with flight, hotel and restaurant reservation support baked right in. Simply search, for example, your departing airport or dining destination, and the results for your upcoming itinerary will show up right in your search. This makes it super simple if you’re using Maps to get directions to a specific destination, and wonderful seamlessness that makes managing everything a bit easier. Right now, the feature is slowly rolling out to Maps users in the U.S., and is available in English only, Goerisch said. The Upcoming Events feature works nearly the same way, showing you what’s ahead once you search for a popular venue.

Directions for multiple destinations will likely elicit a collective “Finally!” among Maps users, and should be a highly useful tool for those going on road trips or exploring an unfamiliar city. Look out for the new features to hit the new Maps in the coming days and weeks.