Google Maps appears to be rolling out two useful new features. Wi-Fi-only mode and mass transit delay notifications are both starting to show up for some people, though the company hasn’t announced an official update yet.

Wi-Fi-only mode appears to be working pretty well. The new feature will show up in the Settings menu of the app with the option to toggle it on and off. It promises to use less data, though it may still need a little data in some situations. You’ll need to download whatever map you’re using first, so you can still get around even if you don’t have a data connection.

Google Maps is also testing a new alert system for mass transit delays, though this new feature doesn’t actually seem to be working for anyone yet. Based on a few screenshots sent to Android Police, you may be able to select the mass transit lines you care about so your phone doesn’t start to buzz every time there’s a service disruption.

Google hasn’t official confirmed either feature but it’s probably only a matter of time before they get an official launch.