Ios 6 adoption increase

Did you hold off on upgrading to iOS 6 due to the loss of Google Maps? Seems you’re not alone. According to the mobile ad gurus at MoPub, an awful lot of people hit the firmware update this weekend after Google’s third-party iOS maps app launched. Indeed, the firm noticed an uptick of 29 percent in iOS 6 users across its ad network of 12,000+ apps.

MoPub’s figure disputes a previous report from Chitika, which showed a negligible 0.2 increase right after GMaps debuted and fueled speculation that the Apple Maps debacle may have been exaggerated. The new data, however — from MoPub’s much larger network — is presumably more reliable. And, as it happens, is more indicative of a broader unease with Apple Maps.

Since the weekend, from Monday to Wednesday, the increase in iOS 6 users has leveled off somewhat, at 13 percent, suggesting that many users didn’t wait long once the app was available. In fact, in the first 48 hours after GMaps launched, it nabbed as many as 10 million downloads.

Did you snag Google Maps from the App Store, or are you sticking with Apple Maps? Weigh in.