Brace yourselves, April Fool’s is coming. You know how I know? Right, a calendar.

But, do you know how else I know? Google’s rolling out a ridiculous product idea, and this time it centers around Pokémon. The video above is a huge part of the joke, so watch it before rolling on.

On iOS or Android, update Google Maps, tap the search bar, tap Press Start and you’ll be flung to the GooglePlex Pokémon hanging out on the map. Tap them, tap “Catch,” check out your Pokédex and pretend to be a trainer.

This is clearly a very silly joke, but we love it all the same. We also love the implications of Google working with Nintendo on an April Fool’s joke. Kudos to both parties on this one.

What do you think? As far as April Fool’s jokes go, is this among the very best?