To help celebrate the release of Kong: Skull Island this weekend, Google Maps has added a little joke to its services, one that is sure to make audiences laugh and infuriate those who demand the utmost accuracy. You can search for Skull Island on the service, and the fictional island will appear.

An actual island does not appear when you search for it, but Google Maps still creates a point anyway just below the equator in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. After clicking on the point, you can write reviews for the area, not the movie, and upload photos of your vacations there just like you would any normal Google Maps location.

Naturally, the Internet is having a field day with this option.

Kong: Skull Island releases this weekend

Kong: Skull Island will see a nationwide release this weekend thanks to Warner Bros. and Legendary Entertainment. The film is expected to put an original spin on the Kong legend, creating a new ape that is discovered during the closing days of the Vietnam War. It stars Tom Hiddleston, Samuel L. Jackson, John Goodman, and Brie Larson.