Maybe you already knew about this—maybe not—but it's definitely new to me. If you've been relying on pinch-to-zoom in Google Maps all this time, your experience is about to change and become so much better. This needs to become a standard gesture for every app in existence that requires a bit of zooming.

To perform the gesture, simply double-tap the screen (anywhere on the screen works) and hold your finger down. Then slide it up to zoom in and down to zoom out. It's a glorious little discovery, and makes one-handed use that much easier. The gesture works on both iOS and Android, so Google isn't playing favorites here. Try it out: you'll probably go, "Ohh, cool." This might be a super old gesture that many people already knew about, and if that's the case, why didn't you tell anyone?

If this is ancient news that doesn't mean it's any less useful. I didn't know about it (neither did anyone in the office), so there's probably others that don't know either. Pinch-to-zoom has become such a familiar way to use technology, but all this time there was a much more elegant solution lying in wait.