Google on Friday issued an update for Google Maps for iOS that should make driving easier and, perhaps, even safer for folks who often find themselves behind the wheel at night.

Google Maps 4.9.0 adds several new features, but the most prominent is a night mode option, which has been available in other options of the app, that makes it easier to see the route while you’re driving at night. This means the screen usually switches from bright maps to darker ones, creating less of a distraction from your handset that is displaying directions as you drive. It’s a common feature among GPS units, and it’s a bit surprising it wasn’t available for iOS before. Here’s a sample of it in action on Android:

Screen Shot 2015-08-07 at 8.52.55 AM

Other features of the update include new labels on your map for points of interest, labels inside search suggestions and the option to edit captions for photos you’ve posted to Google Maps (at points of interest, like a restaurant, for example.) The update is available from the iTunes App Store now, and we’ve included a link below.