Google has been having a busy week what with having released a new Google Voice App for the iPhone and now making major updates to not only its Web based Google Maps product, but also pushing out a quick update for Maps on Android.

Hotpot is a new recommendation engine for Google Maps that was announced on Monday.  Working in conjunction with the already existing Google Places, you can rate businesses that you go to, and in turn the system will suggest other places in the vicinity that you might also enjoy.  If you share your information with friends you will also see what they are rating as great places for you to shop, dine and visit.

This release was followed up on Tuesday with an update for Google Maps on phones running Android 1.6 or later.

Google Maps Hotspot

You can now make your ratings on the go, and quickly see what else might interest you while you are out and about.

This seems like a no-brainer extension of Google Places, and one that has to make services like Yelp a little bit nervous. The installed user base for Google is already huge, it will just depend on how many people decide to start using this new feature to see how far it will go.  Even in spite of the number of people who use Google every day, the company has had issues getting users to interact with new features and services it offers (we’re looking at you Google Wave).

What say you?  Do you want Google recommending things to you?