Google Maps for Android recently received an update with several new features you should be aware of.

The first, a Wi-Fi-only mode, allows you to force Google Maps to use maps stored offline, alleviating the pain of trying to connect to a spotty mobile network, like when you’re riding in a subway. Sure, it also provides a fast way to quickly use available Wi-Fi networks instead of wireless, too, but it’s a more convenient trick to rely on offline maps. And that brings us to the second big update in Google Maps for Android.

You’ll now be able to save maps offline to your microSD card. Previously, the application only let you store maps to the phone’s local storage, which can be a bit of a pain if you’re limited on how much space you have available. With microSD card support, you’ll be able to save as many local maps as you want without fear of chewing up prime real estate on your phone’s local drive.

The update also includes support for Grab, GO-JEK, Gett, Hailo and myTaxi in select countries around the world, building on the support for Uber that was introduced earlier this year.