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Google is going over its latest update to Android, Android L, and one of the biggest changes is coming to how the software handles notifications. Everything has been streamlined, giving users better access.

For one, on the lock screen, Android L now displays notifications like Google Now cards—and they're fully interactive. Double tap on one to launch that app, swipe to dismiss, and swipe down to get a full list of all your notifications. Google has basically combined the notification and lock screen, and it looks pretty great.

Google also detailed a new "heads-up" notification, and something called "personal unlocking," which is designed for people who have security on their lock screen. With Personal Unlocking set, users can set up locations, Bluetooth devices, and even your voice as "trusted," meaning you don't have to enter your PIN when jumping into a notification. As an example, something like a watch can keep your device unlocked, so obviously there's some relationship with Android Wear.

Everything has been enhanced, and of course it all looks great with Google's new design language.