Apple pretty much kicked Google’s services to the curb in iOS 6. It ditched Google Maps for its own solution and, after a 5 year licensing deal wrapped up, the Cupertino-based company also decided to stop providing a default YouTube application. Google might not be able to change Apple’s mind, but it did recently release a new version of YouTube for the iPhone.

Apple’s move to ditch Google’s services may end up working in Google’s favor in the long run. Google’s new application is able to serve mobile advertisements on top of YouTube videos, which the original iOS application from Apple didn’t allow. As the AP explains, the inability to show advertisements to iOS users meant that anyone with an iPhone, iPod or iPad wasn’t able to view some mobile video content. Now that ads can be served, most videos should be available.

“We are offering a better user experience to iPhone users,” YouTube’s global director of platform partnerships Francisco Varela said. “We will now have content parity on all our mobile platforms.” Varela also said that Apple has been a “great partner” and that the move is just the “next evolution in this partnership.”

The new YouTube application will also work on the iPad but Google has plans to release a specific iPad-friendly version in the future, too.

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