Google announced "Music Beta by Google" this morning. The currently free (for a limited time) music streaming service allows you to sync 20,000 songs to a cloud, and allows you to listen to those tunes on any phone or tablet running Android 2.2(or higher), your computer, and some "Android at Home" devices, allowing you to play tunes from your cloud in your home. You can check out a video explaining the service above.

The service gives you access to your entire music library from internet-enabled devices with the Music app installed, and allows you to select specific albums, artists, and playlists you want to be able to listen to when you're not connected. Playlists are automatically synced between devices, and you can create a smart mix on any device of your tunes based on what type of music you're in the mood to listen to.

Music Beta by Google is currently (obviously based on the name) in beta, and is invite only. Attendees at Google I/O were all given invitations, with the service expected to roll out to others in the future. You can request your own invite to the service here.