Google on Thursday released a standalone Hangouts application that should help improve the chat experience across two platforms. The Hangouts Chrome App is available now for both Windows computers and Chrome OS powered machines, such as Chromebooks. That means you don’t have to rely on using your Web browser or a Chrome plug-in to access Hangouts.

All of your ongoing chat conversations should appear immediately after you log-in, which means you can follow conversations from other computers and mobile devices like your smartphone or tablet. Google also included integrated alerts and offers “always on top avatars,” which basically look like Facebook chat heads that float above other applications so that you can access them quickly. Google Voice support is embedded, too, so you’ll be able to receive phone calls and text messages if you have your Hangouts linked up with a Google Voice number. Finally, it also includes video and voice calls, including support for the Hangouts dialer for placing calls to “any number in the world.”

If you’re on a Windows machine or a Chrome OS device you can hit the link in the source below to get started.