Do you like building Star Wars models? Do you want to find a community of people from around the world with the same interest and who are discussing the same topics? Google+ Communities hopes to do just that. The company today announced Communities, which is a new way for people to share common interests around the world. So, whether it's building rockets or an obsession with food, you can find specific communities with members that share the same interests.

A few of the first communities launching today include The Audi Community, Call of Duty players, Exploration, Fashion Radar, The Go-To Parents Community, In the Kitchen, The Knitting Lodge, Liverpool FC Fans, Makers, hackers artists & engineers, The Photo Community, Space and Star Wars.

Google+ Communities also allows you to post photos, recipes or any other story to the group, so that your information can be appreciated by those who want to see it. That's opposed to Facebook, of course, which basically just lets you post everything to your timeline for all of your friends to see.

In addition to improvements to Google+, the firm also noted that Snapseed is now free for iOS users and is now rolling out for Android. Snapseed is similar to Instagram in that you can fine tune and customize photos with creative filters.

[via Google]