Google Music Beta web app iPad

One important feature that Google’s Music Beta service has been lacking since its launch is compatibility with iOS devices. The idea behind the service is that you store your music library in ‘the cloud’ so that you can access it on any internet-connected device, wherever you may be, without using up your precious local storage.

However, unlike Amazon’s rival music service, Google failed to cater for a massive audience, and that’s those of us who use the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad… until yesterday.

There’s now an official Google Music Beta web application that can be accessed using the mobile Safari app on any of your iOS devices — simply by visiting It’s built with HTML5 and sports a very Google-esque minimalist design, and as such, it’s pretty darn snappy, according to first impressions.

Google Music Beta web app iPhone

Though it does have its limitations: Although you can listen to tracks you’ve uploaded to your cloud, you cannot upload more music or browse music catalogs. However, I have a feeling the web app is simply a stopgap to keep us happy until a native iOS app hits the App Store.

Unfortunately I’ve been unable to try the app out for myself because being a Brit, I don’t currently have access to Google’s new service, but I’ve heard very good things about it.

Are you a Google Music Beta tester and have you played with the new iOS web app yet? What do you think?

[via The Next Web]