Google is taking a page from Samsung’s Galaxy S8 deals and is offering a sweet Pixel XL deal of its own. Right now, Google is including a free Google Home with the purchase of a Pixel XL.

The Google Home usually retails for $129, which comes out to a pretty nice free add-on. Google Home is a great way to beef up your smart home set-up, and getting a free unit with the purchase of a fantastic smartphone is a great deal. You can either get the 32GB Pixel XL that costs $769 or the 128GB model for $869.

To take advantage of the deal, just bundle the Pixel XL and Google Home in your cart on Google’s website and the discount will automatically be applied. Google is only offering the deal while supplies last, so better jump on it as soon as possible. The same exact deal is being offered if you sign up for Project Fi but you have to hop on it before July 29.

Now looks like the best time to pick up both a Pixel XL and Google Home for the price of one.