Last month, Google introduced the Pixel 3, the newest iteration of its Pixel smartphone line. It’s a great smartphone with a sleek design and terrific camera. That being said, it has not been without its faults and there is one bug in particular that Google is finally planning to fix.

By far the biggest issue affecting the Pixel 3 is memory management. Even though the Pixel 3 features a Snapdragon 845 processor and 4GB of RAM, people have complained that it struggles with normal everyday tasks. In some instances, when playing music in the background, opening an app like the camera would kill the music player because memory management couldn’t handle both tasks.

Thankfully, Google is aware of the issue and will roll out an update “in the coming weeks.” The update will “keep background apps from being prematurely closed.”

Unfortunately, in the coming weeks can mean anything. It may arrive within a week or possibly by the year’s end. We hope it’ll fall closer to the former than the latter because aside from that issue, the Pixel 3 is an excellent device that sits atop our list of best Android smartphones you can buy right now.