The annual developer conference hosted by Google will be staying in Mountain View for another year. Dates for Google I/O 2018 have been revealed, and it confirms a schedule similar to what we’ve seen in the past. But figuring out when the multi-day event runs wasn’t so easy because the company decided to put everyone through a riddle.

If you head over to Google’s I/O page, you’ll be dropped onto the company’s massive headquarters using Street View. Then you have to go through various rooms and unlock multiple doors using subtle hints found throughout the experience.

Here’s what you’ll see at the end:

Google I/O 2018 will held May 8-10, running for the usual stretch of three days. It’s slightly earlier past editions, but there’s nothing to read into for that. Google will still be launching a bunch of new products and services including the latest version of Android.

These as the answers for each lock, which you should totally ignore if you don’t like spoilers:

  1. Iwata
  2. 01, 60, 80
  3. Yam
  4. Aeschylus
  5. [turn off lights]
  6. [sisters, refresh, mirror, theatre]

Once you’re finished, you’ll be put on stage at the Shoreline Amphitheater. It’s the same view that Google CEO Sundar Pichai and many other executives share when explaining what the company has planned for the future. When Google I/O began in 2008, the company made its announcements from the Moscone Center in San Francisco; however, in 2016, the developer conference was moved to Mountain View at a venue located right next to Google’s headquarters.

We’ll let you know when registration for Google I/O 2018 opens.