Google just introduced a new feature that's very much like the Zoe and Highlight reels on HTC Android smartphones. The new feature, called Auto Awesome Movies, can either automatically or manually create a movie highlight reel out of images and movies that you've snapped.

You can select specific unedited images and videos, and then Google will automatically create a special highlight movie for you that includes all of them together, complete with automatic image stabilization and more. If you swipe your finger across the video, you can apply new filters to the video such as Punk, Showtime, Glamour and more. It's almost exactly like the Highlight reels on the HTC One, One mini and One Max. An edit button lets you tweak the timelines, remove specific parts, or re-arrange the clip.

Finally, you can set the length of the clip, or add dozens of licensed music tracks that Google provides. The feature should be available for most Android users today.