Currently rolling out to Gmail users is a new feature called the Priority Inbox which will see your most important e-mails float to the literal top of your inbox.  Once activated you will find a new, smaller, inbox at the top of the interface which will only display the e-mails you read most often, correspondence from the people you e-mail and reply to the most and so on.  All your other e-mails will still be displayed further down the page, and your access to them doesn't change one bit, but this way you hopefully won't gloss over that all important e-mail from your spouse telling you to stop at the store on the way home for milk.

The new inbox works on the same basic principles as your spam folder, except, of course, in reverse.  While it may mess up a bit at first, you will have the addition of buttons to all e-mails that will allow you to mark their significance to you, so if some show up in the Priority box that you don't want there, you vote them down, and vice-versa.


For those of you who use Google Apps, which features the Gmail interface without some of the extra little tools, you'll be happy to know that this will be rolling out to all of those accounts as well over the next several weeks.

The new feature was turned on in my Gmail last night, and I'm having mixed feelings towards it.  When there is nothing in the priority box, it just feels like it takes up too much real estate on my screen.  Although, I have to say I like the "Woohoo! You've read all the important messages in your inbox." when I've cleared it out.  The algorithm is still learning for sure as it just delivered a press release to my priority window while I've been writing this, and considering the number of press releases I get each day, that is definitely not something I want in there.  I'm sure it will learn over time, however.

What say you?  Have you tried it yet?  What do you think?