Google for Work

Google is making a bigger push to bring Android to your business. The search giant on Wednesday unveiled a new Android for Work program, promising to tap into the "business and innovation potential" of its mobile software. The program will get off the ground with the help of early partners, who will have access to components like Work profiles, Google Play for Work and more.

"We're helping businesses bring more devices to work by securing, managing and innovating on the Android platform," said Rajen Sheth, Google's director of product management, Android and Chrome for Work.

Some of the names partnering with Google on the networking side include Cisco and Pulse Secure, while management will include Citrix and BlackBerry. Other big names include Adobe, Box, Samsung and Motorola. The partners will help Google provide tools to help businesses more easily manage numerous Android devices, as well as a platform where Google for Work users can access apps cleared to use with that business's secure data.

The enterprise space has remained an important sector for today's top companies—Apple last year partnered with IBM to bring services to iOS business customers. Today's move is similar in that it announces Google's commitment to the enterprise market, encouraging businesses to use Android as their preferred platform.

You can learn more about the program at the source link below.