Google Translate is the kind of magical tool you can’t believe exists. And while it already supports over 90 languages, it’s getting even better with the update inside Android 6.0.

Going forward, users who rely on the Translate app will be able to translate text from within their favorite apps. Google provided an example of a translation happening right from within TripAdvisor, and it’s amazing how incredibly seamless the experience is. Simply highlight the text you want to translate, execute, and you’ll see the translation right then and there.

Another example of the app’s execution is shown inside of WhatsApp, and it couldn’t be easier to do. Again, highlight the text, hit translate and it’ll appear right before your eyes. The language barriers have never been smaller thanks to the advancement in technology, and having Translate inside every crevice of the experience means you should have the tools to communicate no matter where you are.

Apps that use standard text selection already support the update inside Android 6.0; developers who have created custom text selection can implement the feature with a few lines of code. I don’t often find myself having to translate text, but in the event I do need to, it’s nice to know Google is making it as easy as possible.