Google’s Inbox email service has changed the way people approach email by extracting important information and displaying that info in beautiful cards. Now, Google is expanding the service’s capabilities by adding third-party integrations, starting with GitHub and Trello.

These integrations likely won’t get average users excited but they’re a big step toward raising Inbox’s credibility in the workplace. Trello is a popular project management tool used by thousands of businesses, including TechnoBuffalo. With proper integration, Inbox will beautifully display project summaries and other updates right in your inbox. The same thing will be true for GitHub.

In addition to integrations, Google has introduced some other small updates based on user feedback, including improved Google Drive integration, the ability to drag-and-drop contacts, and a gesture to delete messages right from your main inbox.

Google hints that GitHub and Trello integration is just the beginning, so expect more useful updates in the future.