Google Inbox is already one of the best email apps for folks who want to jump into their inbox, take care of business, and leave. Now it’s even better for that, with the ability to recommend responses based on the text in the email you’re responding to.

Inbox now features technology called “Smart Reply” that will allow a user to pick from one of three responses it thinks makes the most sense. “Inbox uses machine learning to recognize emails that need responses and to generate the natural language responses on the fly,” Google explained, noting that your selection of responses will improve the suggestions presented in the future.

In one example provided on Google’s blog, someone asked whether or not the end-user had documents for work. The three canned responses included “I don’t, sorry,” “I’ll have to look for it,” and “I’ll send it to you.” Pretty neat, and we’re excited to test it out to see how much smarter it can get.

Smart Reply will hit Inbox for iOS and Android this week in English.