Inbox, Google’s more experimental approach to email, is expanding its abilities beyond bundles. Google on Wednesday introduced several new features to the platform that was designed to help users keep track of events, newsletters, and links, making Inbox more of a one-stop-shop for everything in your digital life.

The most unusual addition is the ability to share links to Inbox, either by emailing yourself or using a new Chrome extension on the web. Chances are you’ve emailed yourself a link to read later; the newest update makes this process easier and more organized and comes in addition to Google’s recent Save to Google feature.

The new Calendar feature “gathers emails from a single event together and shows you what’s changed at a glance,” Google said. Often, event times and locations change; now, you can see emails related to a specific event in one place, making it easier to keep track of what’s going on.

Finally, Inbox is making it easier to preview newsletters (sign up for ours!), making it intuitive to read and click through without leaving the app. And Google says once you’ve taken a look at your favorite newsletters, they’ll minimize to save space in your inbox.

These features should be rolling out to Inbox beginning today.