Android Ice Cream Sandwich Focused

Google's latest major update to the Android platform finally delivers a single system for both smartphones and tablets, and makes a number of improvements to the world's biggest mobile operating system. However, Ice Cream Sandwich is just the beginning of a complete Android overhaul.

Hugo Barra, Product Management Director for Android at Google, said during a press briefing that the company's Ice Cream Sandwich update is the "first step in rethinking Android," and that it's the biggest Android release yet in terms of new code:

"Even before we finished Honeycomb, which was designed specifically for tablets, we decided to take a step back and find out what users wanted from Android.

"We gave both users and non-users a device, asked them what they expected, talked to a number of people around the world — basically finding out what they wanted [in our next OS].

"We learned a lot from these interactions and that was the data we used to rethink the face of Android. Ice Cream Sandwich is the first step in rethinking Android for the next two to three years, and it's the biggest release we've done in terms of [new] code."

The Ice Cream Sandwich update already delivers some major improvements, such as changes to the home screen, Face Unlock, and better multitasking. However, even for just an occasional Android user, it's exciting to think that an Android overhaul is on the way.

How do you think Google can improve Android, and are you pleased that the company is rethinking its mobile operating system?

[via TechRadar]