Apart from its ability to tap into Google’s Knowledge Graph and understand follow-up questions, Google Home might beat Amazon’s Echo in another key area: Price.

According to The Information, citing anonymous sources, Google Home will be a lot cheaper compared to the Echo, which starts at $179.99 (it actually used to be $199.99 before its permanent price drop). Despite traditionally offering gadgets at affordable prices, Amazon might find Google Home tough to beat if it severely undercuts the Echo, which has become a surprise hit for the online giant.

There’s a big reason why Google Home could be so cheap:

“Home will essentially be a microphone, speaker, plastic top with LED lights and a fabric or metal bottom—wrapped around a Chromecast,” The Information said.

Even so, I’d still expect Home to cost around $100 on the low-end, and as much as $150 on the high-end. Google claims Home will be a great Bluetooth speaker with a “strong bass and clear highs,” so it doesn’t sound like Google is cutting any corners. Match that with far-field microphones, a Chromecast, and the enclosure it comes in, and the price is anyone’s guess.

We can speculate all day but the easiest way for Google to make a good first impression is to price it below its competitors. According to The Information, that’s exactly what the search giant is going to do. We’ll find out more as we get closer to Home’s fall release.