Anyone who places a pre-order for the Pixel 2 by October 19 will receive a free Google Home Mini. Last year’s promotion for the Pixel was a free Daydream View, but now Google wants to get its home-based digital assistant into as many homes on possible. It’ll certainly help more people discover the power of Google Assistant. And, if they like it, maybe they’ll purchase more units or consider the other models.

Google, though, didn’t clearly say when the freebie would ship after the promotion was announced. Fortunately, the company recently clarified on how Pixel 2 owners are getting the free Google Home Mini.

Here’s the message Google sent out over the weekend:

If you’ve already purchased your Pixel 2 and are waiting for the phone to arrive in the coming weeks (or months), you’ve likely received the same message from Google. It points out that codes for the free Google Home Mini will be issued within 4 weeks of your Pixel 2 shipping.

Google will send you a code by email which should then be redeemed on the Google Store. As long as you don’t cancel the order or return your Pixel 2, you’re guaranteed to get a code.

Both the Pixel 2 and the Google Home Mini are set to be released on October 19. The Pixel 2 starts at $649 while the Google Home Mini 2 is priced at just $49. The two work with each other through Google Assistant to answer questions, relay information, and control connected devices.