Google announced a new color for its smallest smart speaker: Aqua. In a blog post, the Mountain View-based company unveiled the Home Mini’s first new shade since going official last year. It has a cool style that’s based on the same fabric used across the entire Home family.

The other colors are Chalk, Charcoal, and Mini. Since the latter two aren’t very soft, the Aqua variant is a welcome addition. Now there’s an alternative to Chalk if you want to go with a subtle, light-colored theme in a particular room or area.

Isabelle Olson, who leads Google’s non-mobile design team, described the Home Mini in Aqua like such:

“Blue: the color of ocean waves, the bright sky, sapphires and now … our latest Google Home Mini. Well, we’re actually calling it Aqua.”

Between the four variants, there aren’t any other differences. It’s still the same compact smart speaker with Google Assistant listening to voice commands and responding aloud.

Although it’s official, you still can’t buy the Home Mini in this color. The Aqua variant will go on sale later this month. What does that mean? Its release date should coincide with the arrival on the Pixel 3, Pixelbook 2, Pixel Slate, and Home Hub. Yet again, Google plans on resetting its portfolio in time for the holidays.