Google knows that smart displays are set to be an integral part of living spaces in the near future, so it introduced a unit of its own. Welcome, Home Hub.

As we saw leading up to its global debut, the Home Hub blends right in with the rest of its family. Google created this smart display in soft, fabric-based styles. It communicates directly with Google Assistant, too. Basically, you’re getting all the same capabilities that a smart speaker has and a visual aid as well.

The Home Hub has a 7-inch display. Yet it won’t blind you late at night or get washed out in direct sunlight. It ships with Ambient EQ, which means the Home Hub can analyze lighting in the environment and adjust colors and brightness accordingly.

Here’s how simple (and small) the Home Hub looks:

Since there’s a digital assistant at its core, you’re getting plenty of brilliance to complete tasks and serve up content. The Home Hub responds to “Hey Google” followed by a command. It links to services like Google Maps, YouTube, and Play Music. Of course, there are also third-party services in the mix.

Don’t worry, though. Google confirmed that parental controls are in place to keep children away from the not-so-innocent content.

The Home Hub should be straightforward to use, but you’re not without a proper user interface to navigate menus and settings. Home View is a software-side feature, activated as a drop-down from the top of the display. You’ll see various icons for quick access to different services and settings.

Google’s dashboard on the Home Hub lets you adjust lights, thermostats, cameras, locks, and other connected devices. Meanwhile, the Home app was redesigned for this smart display. It has the same Home View feature that acts as a command center from your mobile device.

Some of the popular use cases should include getting the weather, following step-by-step recipe walkthroughs, watching YouTube videos, checking a calendar, and more.

When it goes on sale later this month, you’ll be able to purchase the Home Hub in a few different colors. The smart display comes in Charcoal, Chalk, Aqua, and Sand. Google has the price is set at $149, and you’ll get a six-month YouTube Premium membership if you purchase the Home Hub by December.

Starting today, the Home Hub is up for pre-order.