Google’s Home Hub should be sold in at least two colors.

In photos obtained by Android Headlines, the upcoming smart display leaked in Charcoal. The Home Hub, which will take advantage Google Assistant and a 7-inch display, already showed up in Chalk last week. There might be additional colors to be announced, but so far we’ve only seen Charcoal and Chalk.

You won’t discover any differences between the two styles aside from their colors. It resembles the rest of the Home family in that regard. As for Google’s smart speakers, the colors range from Charcoal to Chalk to Coral. Just don’t count on a Coral-colored Home Hub yet.

Take a glance at the front and back:

Around the display, there’s a white bezel no matter the variant selected. Google might’ve decided on that requirement for Charcoal in addition to Chalk to blend in with the software’s bright layout. The Mountain View-based company pushes light themes across its products and services. Here, the Home Hub won’t be any different.

Other smart displays from Lenovo, JBL, Sony, and Lenovo have been announced. All of them are competing against Amazon’s Echo Show and Echo Spot for attention.

The Home Hub can serve information at a glance and respond to voice commands. Like other Google Assistant-powered devices, it’ll link to outside ecosystems for easy control. But the real benefit for Google’s smart display over its smart speakers is the visual aid from the 7-inch display.

We’ll see the Home Hub make its official, global debut on October 9. It’ll be joined by the Pixel 3, Pixelbook 2, and Pixel Slate. Needless to say, Google plans on finishing 2018 in busy fashion.